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Inventory Control

We can assist you to manage your tap inventory.

Send us your used taps; we will:
  • Sort your Taps
  • Inspect your Taps
  • Resharpen Salvageable Taps
  • Post Inspect your Taps
  • Etch for Identification
  • Return them to your crib for re-use
Tapping Operation Evaluation

As we inspect your taps we are able to assess tool wear and we are able to make recommendations.

Our Recommendations help:
  • To Improve your Tapping Operations
  • To Increase Tool Life
  • To Reduce Tooling Costs.

Recoating resharpened taps has been shown to increase the tap life and consistency in tapping.

We work with PVD coatings:
  • TiN
  • TiCN
  • ALTiN
  • Others are also Available
We are also able to supply:
  • Nitride Surface Treatment
  • Oxide Surface Treatment
New Tools

We can also supply you new taps as well as thread gages to replace worn taps and thread gages.

Authorized Disturber:
  • North American Tool
  • Nomura USA
  • Swanson Tool Manufacturing Inc.

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