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Frequently Asked Questions
How can you resharpen taps without making them undersize?

You can’t.  Flute grinding or lead grinding will reduce the pitch diameter of a tap.  TapSaver understands tap geometry and uses controlled processes to resharpen taps consistently, uniformly, concentrically, and minimize size reduction and maximize tap life.

What size taps can be resharpened?

At TapSaver the smallest diameter we sharpen is M6 or .250″, the largest is 100.0 MM or 4.0″.  Thread pitch does not affect resharpening. All grinding is done off centers so all taps must have centers on both ends.

Larger diameters can be done on special order basis.

Can you resharpen cold forming or roll taps?

No.  Forming or Roll taps typically fail because of material bonding or cold welding to the tap.  This is not resharpen-able by any methods employed at TapSaver.

Can resharpened taps be re-coated with TiN or TiCN PVD coatings?

Yes. We work with major coating companies for PVD coatings and nitride and oxide coating companies.

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