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Tap Saver L.L.C.
Don’t throw away those expensive, special taps – ReSharpen

TapSaver, LLC

Don’t throw away those expensive, special taps…..Re-sharpen !!

Tapping……..For many of us it’s our least favorite machining operation, for good reason.  You have one specific tool to use to hold many different dimensions, at high production rates, without breaking the tap in the part.   The high production rates necessary today for manufacturing internally threaded fasteners have created the nib tap design to maximize tap life.  There are many styles of nib taps available, but the key features are usually a PVD coating to add surface hardness and lubricity, a long chamfer length to have as many threads on the tap cutting as possible, and maximize the number of flutes, usually 5 or 6, to also reduce chip load.   Tap manufacturers design and manufacture  these nib taps to incredibly tight tolerances,  utilizing the latest technology in HSS and coatings to maintain dimensional consistency of the pitch diameter and  threads, to have these taps produce  thousands of fasteners per tap.

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