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About TapSaver

Tapsaver, LLC is now in its 4th generation since 1964.  Under new ownership, we are utilizing the principals, processes and the specially designed equipment designed by Dave Dodge to “Save” taps of all styles, sizes, and thread types.  Tapsaver is not a cutter grind shop… We have 8 grinders with special fixturing dedicated to chamfer grinding, flute grinding and additional grinders for spiral pointing, cut off and modifications.  All grinding is done “on centers” to maintain concentricity and accuracy as the taps were originally manufactured.

At Tapsaver we have been successfully resharpening taps since 1964 for customers in all industries.  Fastener manufacturers, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Medical, Aerospace and other manufacturers have all utilized our cost saving advantages.  Because we understand taps and what makes them work, we can control the resharpening effects. Secondly, we have specially designed tooling and fixtures on dedicated grinders to resharpen all types and styles of cutting taps from 1 piece to hundreds at a time.  All of our grinding is done “on centers” as the tap was originally manufactured so we maintain tool concentricity and indexing accuracy.

At Tapsaver we have adopted some of today’s technologies to improve the “tried & true” methods used to grind taps.  Tap design basics have not changed for decades, but more taps today are going to “premium” or “special” designs and materials dedicated to specific applications to optimize tap performance.  Tapsaver can help you extend the life of expensive taps to help you reduce your tooling and production costs.

What We DO

Tap Resharpening has been done since threads have needed to be cut.  Most of the time it’s done by the experienced machinist or tool maker who has “the touch” or “the eye” to get it to work… and he did. It’s a fact that resharpening a tap makes it smaller.  Knowing and understanding the features of a tap that effects size, enables resharpening to be done and keeps size reduction to a minimum.

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